The Price of Candy

The Price of Candy cover

Mystery Romance Book #2

in the popular Sandy Reid women sleuths mystery  romance series. Each is a stand-alone novel featuring the adventures of Sandy Reid. Start the series with the free eBook ONE DEADLY SISTER.

~ Passion makes fools of us all ~ In this second of the women sleuths mysteries series, when the irrepressible Sandy Reid learns that the police have closed the case of an abused body found on the beach for lack of evidence, she feels compelled to discover the identity of the woman, expose what actually happened on that secluded beach that night and catch the perpetrator.

The almost-too-clever young law student must confront the prominent Congressman who gave the beautiful hitchhiker a ride to Florida and avoid becoming the second victim. She must unscramble a related child kidnapping that the mother won’t report and clear herself of a murder charge that threatens to destroy her dream of becoming a lawyer. Although she remains uptight and cozy with her irresistible detective lover, somewhere along the way she is tempted and discovers she has fallen victim to a sensuous passion of her own.
The second novel in this women sleuths mystery book series by Rod Hoisington.

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