Such Wicked Friends

Such Wicked Friends cover

Mystery Romance Book #3

…in the Sandy Reid women sleuths mysteries series. Each is a stand-alone novel featuring the adventures of Sandy Reid. Start the series with the free eBook ONE DEADLY SISTER.

~ Be careful who you trust — Sometimes friends are deadlier than enemies ~ In this third of the women sleuths mysteries series, the  irrepressible and feisty Sandy Reid runs into a problem of the dead kind and soon the police want her to butt out, the State Attorney wants her disbarred, and the killer wants her dead. Not the best situation for a brand new lawyer who’s trying to live down a reputation for being sassy and reckless. She believes the murdered woman is begging her to find the killer. How else to explain the mysterious spot of blood Sandy later discovers on her own hand? She begins a personal vendetta to find the killer. Sandy is certain that with all the deceiving and lusting going on, someone in the group of friends is guilty of murder.


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