Sandy Reid Mysteries Box Set

Sandy Reid 1st 5 A

  Here’s your chance to read the first 5 eBooks in the popular Sandy Reid mystery series in a Women Sleuths Box Set at a considerable savings ~

  The Sandy Reid Mysteries are a series of fast-paced mystery novels with a splash of romance set in sun-drenched Florida. This Women Sleuths Box Set Collection of full-length, 4-star novels contains the following titles, which are also available independently:

1. One Deadly Sister

2. The Price of Candy

3. Such Wicked Friends

4. Chasing Suspect 3

5. Alive After Friday

  Also included in this Box Set is the acclaimed mystery-romance short story: The Stranger and Mrs. Adams. This box set collection of the earlier novels does not include Sandy’s latest adventure ~ Into The Heat.

Sandy Reid is a young defense lawyer who has discovered she’s more effective sleuthing for the truth outside in the real world than by arguing theories inside a courtroom. Bright, tough and fearless, she has a talent for running around stirring up trouble and annoying people, yet could sell sand to an Arab. She’s no nonsense, sassy and clever, although somewhat reckless. And she never underestimates a man’s ability to underestimate a woman. Her friends in law enforcement joke about her: Don’t make eye contact with her, and if she attacks play dead.