Into the Heat


Mystery Romance Book #6

…in this Sandy Reid women sleuths mystery romance series. Each is a stand-alone novel featuring the adventures of Sandy Reid. Start the series with the free eBook  ONE DEADLY SISTER.

~ Friends and enemies—both turning up the heat. ~ Sandy must untangle the chilling puzzle of a man who targets the wrong guy as his wife’s lover, a young Goth Girl wannabe whose dream date turns into a real-life nightmare and an erring girl who lets a cheating husband stay in her life too long. Meanwhile, just as Sandy is struggling (not too hard) to choose between admirers, a former flame shows up and turns up the heat. Along the way, Martin’s amorous possibilities range from a shady lady to his dream girl in the moonlight. In the end, Sandy must stay one step ahead of a Miami Beach thug who assumes she’s willing to use everything she’s got to get what she wants.

The 6th novel in this women sleuths mystery romance book series by Rod Hoisington.