Chasing Suspect 3

Chasing Suspect Three

Mystery Romance Book #4

…in the Sandy Reid mystery book series. Each is a stand-alone novel featuring the adventures of Sandy Reid. Start the series with the free eBook ONE DEADLY SISTER.

~ Clients don’t just hire her, they turn her loose. ~ In this fourth of the women sleuths series, the assertive young criminal defense attorney finally lands her first big murder case. As Sandy digs in, she becomes convinced her client is lying. Is she rushing to save an innocent woman or helping a killer get away with murder?
She faces a client who seems innocent of shooting her husband until she opens her mouth, the client’s mysterious boyfriend who has no past and doesn’t cast a shadow, and the victim’s sister whose fashionable facade hides a layer of predatory sex. The sister also happens to be a former girlfriend of Sandy’s lover and wants him back in her life.  Sandy finds herself questioning her lover’s faithfulness at the same time she’s deciding whether to go too far with an FBI agent with movie-star looks who won’t take no for an answer. Her gutsy search for the killer leads her away from her quiet ocean side town and down to the tropical palms along Biscayne Bay, and the steamy streets of Miami that are dark with something more than the night.

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