Alive After Friday

Alive After Friday

Mystery Romance Book #5

…in this Sandy Reid women sleuths mystery romance. Each is a stand-alone novel featuring the adventures of Sandy Reid. Start the series with the free eBook  ONE DEADLY SISTER.

~ They kidnapped Sandy — Bad move, they should have chosen the Devil. ~ When a murder plot strikes too close to home, Sandy Reid is forced to come up with a world of money to save her lover. The feisty young defense lawyer ignores the risks and  is off on a gripping whirl around sun-drenched Palm Beach County, Florida; including confronting a sexy stranger who’s easy to brush off until the gun comes out, a cheating wife who gets more action than she can handle and a Barbie Doll beauty who would never jump into bed with just any couple who asks. Meanwhile, must straight-laced Martin resort to seduction to learn the critical secret of the enticing, unlucky-in-love woman who already has two murdered men in her past? All this because a pair of shadowy characters make the biggest mistake of their lives when they target Sandy.

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