One Deadly Sister

Sandy Reid Mystery Series

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by Rod Hoisington

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 ~ She doesn’t carry a gun but neither does a pit bull.  In this first of the women sleuths mystery romance series, an almost-too-clever young law student reluctantly attempts to rescue her estranged brother caught up in woman-trouble and a murder charge in a hostile Florida town. He isn’t looking for trouble but, unfortunately, arrives in the small ocean side town just as someone murders the local candidate for governor. The brother doesn’t have a clue about women and gets seduced and framed. He hasn’t bothered with his estranged sister up north for years, but now as a stranger in a hostile town she’s his only hope. She reluctantly decides to at least check out her brother’s predicament in Florida. This small step leads the sister into an ever-increasing entanglement of deceit, double-cross and danger. Along the way, somehow she must persuade the irresistible investigating detective to play it her way.

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